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  • Feedback.......

    Howdy. First let me say that I love the game. I play every day. Finished ranked #2 in the basketball season, and am currently #3 in baseball. Am #10 in LoL despite knowing nothing about that actual game.

    My first question, regarding baseball, is why are there relief pitchers? Considering all lineup spots are for SP or NP it that these guys were SP at one point and were moved to the bullpen, and still have a player profile inside the game?

    Sometimes when I'm checking my lineups to see if I have any players entered that have now been declared non-starters for the night, I can't get info in a timely fashion. It'll be 90 minutes before the actual baseball game starts, but still not showing the starting lineup tags. I have then gone to the individual team's Facebook page and see that they posted their starting lineup there up to 45 minutes before. So is the system here automated in reflecting that information slowly.....or manual and it is just human error? Also, there have been several occasions in which a player has shown up here as a non-starter, then I switch him out, then later check my complete roster and see an S next to him. It happened 3 times last week alone. Obviously that can be frustrating, to miss a chance at playing certain players, because of instances of listing them as non-starters incorrectly.

    I have also noticed that sometimes the "auto-fill best lineup" feature doesn't work correctly. Most recent example: I auto-filled a lineup. It was 39 of 45 stars (so plenty of extra space). My catcher was a 3.5 star guy. I deleted him and checked my roster. There was a 4.5 star catcher available. Both were at skill level 1 so a bonus should not have affected the choice by the system, and the average score for the 4.5 player was clearly higher. This has happened many times, and now I always manually check positions. Very time consuming.

    Another one. The system locks out roster changes too soon (before the actual start of the real games) sometimes. Today, I was filling my lineups, and I always try to wait until pretty close to the start of the first game of the order to have the most-updated starting lineup info for all games available to me. Three games started today at 10:10 PDT, but at 10:05 the system showed them as "in progress" and I wasn't able to get in my players. I believe it was 14 top player uses that I got locked-out of using. Clearly that puts me at a disadvantage today now after losing so many good player uses. The ticker at the top that shows the real-game progress didn't show them as being played until about 10:15. If there was a standard system timing of locking out changes always 5 minutes before (let's say), then I would understand. But at other times I have been down to the last second to get my players in, and it has still worked. So there is an inconsistency there.

    When I draft players, I always buy the elite draft pack for 7,200 coin. It states that there will be an average of 4-stars. However, about 4 out of 5 times I buy them, I get less than a 4-star average. I recognize that it is randomly generated, but the system has the star-rating information of every possible draft pick at it's disposal. It should be very easy for it to make that 4-star average happen, by the math. I'm not hoping to "get lucky" and get three 5-star players, but I shouldn't be getting three 3-star players either, as I have many times. Seems to me that it should be pretty easy for the system to keep to a 4-star average guarantee. Each pack just needs to be a 3 + 4 + 5 star pack, or 3.5 + 4 + 4.5, or three 4's. Simple enough.

    Anyhow, I know I bombarded you with a lot of info, but just wanted to point out some short-comings in an overall great game. Really looking forward to football starting. Hopefully we can start building our rosters soon. Thanks for what you all are doing.

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    Hi Jester. First, sorry for the slow reply but I just noticed your post this evening. Perhaps I can use my 1 time Irma defense since we are based in Florida and that last 10 days have been frantic to say the least.

    I'll try to answer as many of your questions as U can, and then as others on the team to chime in with additional info.

    1. You are correct in that RP's used to be SP's but have been redesigned. Since we can't delete them from your roster we just re-classify them accordingly. While you can't use RP's, you can of course sell them, or wait to see if they become SP's again.

    2. Regarding the start time and start/not-start designations... We get all of our status info from our data provider (Sportradar) who only posts "official" status. So looks like teams will sometimes jump the gun and post info before they officially submit it. In general we get status updates 60-90 minutes in advance, but if too many players are falling through the cracks then we might look for a different method next season. The whole N/NS issue primarily effects only baseball.

    3. As you know, even if a player doesn't "start" they can still be subbed in later innings so I suspect that tis is what causes and N to become an S. But I'll have to check on that.

    4. The Best Lineup logic is something that we are always tuning, plus we've found some bugs in the code from time to time. One issue that we have addressed int he past was that the star rating you'd see on your phone did not match the rating on the server. This can happen if a player has a great or lousy night and we re-calculate his star rating/avg FB, but for some reason you phone gets out of sync. In those cases we typically go with the server values. That said, we also find bugs from time to time and fix them as soon as we can. :-)

    5. The randomness of pack grants is a good topic because I personally find myself wondering why I don't get a certain type of player more often. And what we'll do from time to time is take a bigger sample of players to see if there's a bias. Usually it show that we award the right ratios over a larger group of players. But of course we understand that perception is often reality and we want EVERY player to feel that the game is fair. So we'll see what we can do to goose the awards a bit.

    Thanks again for your questions/feedback, and more importantly thanks for playing. Let me know if there's any thing else I can answer?


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      Thanks for the response(s). Still loving the game. Can't wait for the basketball season to start again, and I will try hockey.

      Is there a page somewhere that lists the changes made during updates? I noticed that the last one removed the coin buy-in for head-to-head matchups, but it would be nice to be able to read up on any other changes that aren't so easily noticed.


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        We are going to start posting those on our website with each new update, and there will be a message in the game with a link.