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Do players carry over season to season?

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  • Do players carry over season to season?

    Just curious if I'll have all the baseball players I have now when the next season starts. If not, I might as well sell all the players not in the playoffs so i can buy more/better players, right?

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    Hi, your players will reset next season so "yes" you can sell players that have been eliminated and use the coins to pick up new players.


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      Woah, that's harsh, losing all the players. But it makes sense too since a determined user will have collected a lot of the best players by seasons end.


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        Yeah it's part of the design, and let's everyone start from the same position each year. BUT... in the future we are going to give people rewards based on their rosters at the end of the season. This will help you get a "head start" on the next season as well as in your other sports. Stay tuned for details on this one. :-)


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          That would be a nice addition. It's something like I was going to suggest, having a minimal number of 'keepers'.


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            Before I start selling off my football players...this is staying the same right? No player carry over?