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Baseball playoff timing

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  • Baseball playoff timing

    I finished the season very high up and am trying to maintain that throughout the playoffs. I was a bit frustrated that the playoff format was revealed just the morning of the first Wildcard game. I had no idea it was coming until that morning. I'm even more frustrated that ever since that day, I haven't been able to set/tweak my lineup before I leave for work as I have done all season (since I play through Facebook on my home PC and can't check it at work). So I go to work and just have to hope the "best lineup" picked for me is good enough. for any afternoon games To me, this is not playing the game, but just watching it auto-pilot for me. I would like this to change ASAP, so I have a chance to compete.

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    Hmmm, how were you setting your lineups during the regular season?


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      Seems to me the format is the same as it was all season long........ Unless this is a reference to Season Showdown.
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        Well in Showdown your daily lineup is picked automatically but the player status changes work the same in all modes.


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          Yes, it must be the Season Showdown as this format for the playoffs is totally different then the regular season was while playing on PC (don't know if this is the normal format for smartphones/tablets). I could decide the night before to enter Seasons or Leagues and set my lineup then or in the morning (in case someone got hurt the night before). I like to be involved and this takes away some of that for PC players with jobs.


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            So, luckily I was able to see my lineup today before the game started as most of it was filed with ARI/LAD players for a game that wasn't happening. I see that most of my competition has the same problem and didn't adjust their line-ups. So looks like the auto-fill really screwed up. I don't envy you for fielding all of THOSE complaints. Also, the game is rain-delayed, so since the game hasn't started yet, why can't we adjust our lineups?