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  • Baseball player injury updates

    Could you PLEASE update the injury status for baseball players? This hasn't been done since the season ended and it messes up the auto-pick because it doesn't know who's really available. Anyone who pays attention to the sport (which should include you guys) Seager (SS) isn't available all series and my "injured" outfielders have been playing for 2 weeks since they got marked yellow! I'm guessing this is one of the "glitches" last last poster was referring to.

    And while it's nice that you reply to messages pretty quickly, it would be nice if you replied to more than just the first brand new message in a topic. Please see some of my recent posts and issues. Thanks. I love this game, it just needs to be better managed for the playoffs.

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    Hey, sorry if we missed a previous question. We definitely try to answer everything. I'll check in the injuries in the AM but I know that we update MLB player data regularly and injuries are automatic. So not sure what the issue is with Seager, but I'll find out.