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Players dissapearing

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  • Players dissapearing

    My players keep dissapearing from time to time.
    for instance I had tyrod taylor at qb last week, and then he was gone tuesday morning. Then I got him again on the free claim button tueasday night.

    It has happened a few times more than that as well..

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    Not sure if I can definitively answer your question since I'm just learning the game. I have similar problems. It COULD be a few things. Might be that you had a one-time player?? Could be that he was not playing this week?? That was the reason I had lost players(most of the time) but it doesn't explain every instance. I love the game but their HELP section is incredibly incomplete. Hopefully, we'll all learn because of your good question.


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      The one-time player sound most like the problem I am having but I dont know. Its not because they arent playing the same day or week cause they dissapear from my roster.. I hope they can find out why and a solution..

      I love the game as well!!


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        what is a "one-time player"? never heard of that, in real life or in this game


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          Hey guys, first off... sorry for the delayed response. We've been pretty wrapped up answering social media questions and forgot to check here. It'll never happened again. :-)

          Meanwhile, to answer the question... there are indeed a lot of reasons why a player will not be available on a given day. Most likely is that Taylor was not eligible for whichever event you were trying to enter. Could be because the event only covered certain game days, during which BUF wasn't playing? In solo mode it could be that there was a star or level restriction on that lineup slot?

          Do you remember what event you were trying to enter him in and on which date?