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  • Goalies in NHL

    Hi. I am from Spain so I couldn't name a single NHL player.
    I got the stuff to take a MVP series player from collections. I thought to take a goalie because they have the highest fantasy points average. I can choose between Hellebuy, who surprisingly is ranked low in fantasy rankings or Quick who is a 4.5 stars player, not 5 *
    I see that there are a lot of goalies between 20 and 30 FPs and that the rankings in a couple web pages I saw differ heavily.
    Then there is that unconfirmed special status for the goalies.
    Can someone give me some background about this position to understand what happens?

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    Well the key to goalies is pick one that starts often and is on a strong defensive team. In hockey, the goalies do score a lot of fantasy points... even the backups. So its hard to tell from just an FP avg. Of the 2 you mentioned I'd take Quick. One tip is look at their stats to see how many games they have played. If it's not a lot of games , then you are probably looking at the backup goalie. :-)


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      Ok thank you. It is nice to learn something about other sports.