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Does anything follow over from season to season

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  • Does anything follow over from season to season

    I know that players don't follow over from season to season, =( .. but do coins or skill points or even collectibles follow over or do i "need" to spend all the coins this season in lets say the football season? or can i save some coins and skill points and collectibles to get a head start next season?

    anyway loving all the updates that is happening fast over the season to do the game better. =)
    (the basketball players status report could be a bit better though)

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    Excellent question and I’d like to know this as well (including hypcash too)


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      I Think I can help. You will never lose hypcash since it is cross-sports cash. However the coins, skill points and collectables will reset BUT you will get a bonus based on how well you do this season (lvl and trophies) at the beginning of next year. I got a big bonus for being lvl 6 in last years LoL this year and i expect the same for Baseball.