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    Hello, over the last few days, I have used the store to purchase players (3 for the $450 HypCash) However it seems I always get the same people. For example I received Justin Smoak 4 of the last 5 times. With the abundance of players that are out there, I would expect a little more variety. If there a way you can maybe set so you don't get the same people as often? I understand the benefit of having multiple uses of players, however I think the same guy 4 out of 5 times is a bit over doing it, especially the ones being paid for. Thanks!

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    Hey Jon, did this happen in LoL or MLB? And do you remember which days and times it happened? I'm asking because we try to favor players who are playing on the day that you get them. So if it's later in the day for MLB or on Thur or Fri for LoL, then the "available starters" pool is smaller.


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      It was MLB. I don't remember what day, but it's happened a few different days when the whole slate was playing (almost)
      Also, I notice that some relief pitchers (like Yovani Gallardo) are available, however we can't add them to lineups or anything so they really are a waste, aren't they? Plus it doesn't show their pitching stats yet they are rated 5 stars. Is there a filter you can use to only have starting pitchers so money isn't wasted on relief guys?


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        Relief pitchers are interesting because they were a starter when you got them... but then the team changed their position in the meantime. So even though they have good stats, unless their real life position changes, you can't put them into a lineup. It's basically the same as an injury or if a player is sent to the minors. You can hold on to him in the event that he gets reassigned, or you can sell him.